Week 2: We Belong Together for this Season

Does that mug speak for 2020 or what?! As we deal with so many unprecedented events this year, daily living takes on an entirely new meaning, and it has never been more clear that We Belong Together for This Season.
When Jesus founded the church, He commissioned us all to stand together as a body and strengthen one another for hard times. In Ephesians 4:16, Paul elaborates on this idea by saying that when the body of Christ is connected properly then it “builds itself up in love.” One of the great benefits of being connected is that we strengthen one another.

Never before has the need for a strong foundation been so vital. The world around us is full of uncertainty and confusion. From the pandemic to hurricanes to social and political unrest, we have faced a trying year at best. However, through all of the turbulent times, the church of Jesus Christ has stood strong, in large part because we stand together.

This week pause and take some time to give God thanks for those who stand around you in this season. God has placed people in your life to help you. If you stay connected to the body of Christ, you will always 5 strength for hard times.

Here's a simple Family Night challenge for you this week. Communicate with three people in your world who have been an encouragement to you at some point during this season. Maybe they called or texted when you needed it. Maybe they helped you in a time of need. Maybe they just simply offered a hug or a prayer when life seemed overwhelming. That’s the beauty of being connected. Make it a point this week to reach out and say thank you.

Jesus founded a beautiful thing when He founded the Church! Let's take time this week and celebrate the strength we have in each other. We Belong Together for this Season and every season!