Week 4: We Belong Together for the Kingdom

God has a plan. As we all know, that plan is much larger and more complex than we can ever begin to imagine or understand. Fortunately, we aren’t expected to understand the whole scope of God’s plan, but we are certainly a big part of it. His plan is entirely focused on the establishment of His Kingdom of love and forgiveness here on Earth. In that grand plan, the most basic building blocks are people. Not people who are isolated and disconnected and following their own path, but people who are connected to other people through loving and caring relationships. His Kingdom is built on people living in community with one another. People who are living life, sharing time, and carrying burdens with one another. This is the Kingdom of God, and We Belong Together for The Kingdom.

It has been said often, but it remains true, we are Better Together. We need one another to reach others. We need a place, a community, a gathering where we can support one another as we reach out to those around us. We need a place of belonging where those who are disconnected can find connection and a sense of purpose. When we come together, we become more than the sum of our individual parts and personalities, but we become The Church He founded. We become The Church that is a safe haven and harbor for lost souls. We become The Church that is the culminating creative advancement in God’s plan to redeem humanity. We Belong Together for The Kingdom!

As a part of the beautiful community that is The Church, God has given us great leaders. He appointed men and women to stand in the gap for us and to watch over our souls, and we are grateful for them. Being that October is Pastor Appreciation Month, it is an honor for us to recognize the great leaders of our church. Thank you POA Pastoral Team for giving your lives to serve, and thank you for living your life as examples to us all. We are grateful for you and grateful that We Belong Together for The Kingdom.
This evening, gather your family and take time to pray over our POA Pastoral Team. Continue those prayers throughout the week and find a special way to show your love and support to them this week.

There is no greater time for the Kingdom than now! #WeBelongTogether