Week 3: We Belong Together For Our Community

Life happens to everyone. Nobody is exempt from the turmoil of existence. Here in Louisiana we have been battered by storms this year like never before in our lifetimes. It doesn’t take a long look around our region to see that many people are still suffering the effects of those storms. We feel the pain of our neighbors and our communities as they try to rebuild. As followers of Jesus, His gospel compels us to act. We find ways to serve, we find ways to give, and we find ways to help those around us, because We Belong Together For Our Community.

Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon gathering of men and women to go clean up tree limbs, or a trailer full of supplies being hauled down the road to help those in need, it is clear that when we work together, we can serve others with greater impact. There’s no better way to grow together and share life with others than to join together to help and support those in need. We Belong Together for Our Community. The burden of recovery and rebuilding is something that is much more manageable when we have someone standing beside us. We belong together; for sure we do, but it’s not just for our own sakes. Our togetherness must be leveraged to reach the world around us and show the love of Jesus!

This week, let’s agree to open our eyes to the world around us. Let’s look one circle wider at our communities. Who might need a helping hand? Who might need a word of encouragement? Who is living in the shadow of our church buildings who could use the collective resources of the body of Christ?  
Take a look around your neighborhood. Are there any obvious needs? Do you have co-workers who could use some support? Ask the Lord to direct your eyes toward those in need. He will do it, because He placed you in this world to show His love to them.

As a closing note, we give honor to all who have served and given in the wake of the struggles of 2020. Churches and organizations all over this country have stepped in and supported those in need like never before. If you have given of your time or treasure to help those in need, know that our Faithful Father never misses a thing. You are seen, and He is pleased.

We Belong Together for Our Communities.