Week 1: We belong together

It’s family month at POA! Are you excited?! We sure are! And we would like to say that this year, more than ever, We Belong Together!

We Belong Together not just because we enjoy the company of our family and friends, but because when we are together we can accomplish so much more. Together, we are able to leverage the power of connectivity to impact our families and our world.

When we intentionally join forces, we are a force in the world! We can truly become the salt and light we are called to be! Let’s embrace one another this month and look at why We Belong Together!
There is nothing in the world quite like family. In each family there is this interesting collective of individuals with preferences, opinions, dreams, ideas, gifts, talents, and more. Yet, together, we belong. We know the value of that connection and belonging, and we recognize that the strength we gain from one another is a vital part of how we are intended to live. We are better together.

The really wonderful thing is that we are intended to be together with other families as well. Our families are strengthened by the connections we have with others. This is how Jesus intended for the church to live, grow, and
spread: together. We Belong Together.

Belonging to God’s big family means there is a place for you and for your family to be connected and to be loved. Our children are better when we’re all together. Our marriages are better when we’re all together. Our homes are stronger when we’re all together. We do, indeed, belong together for our families!

For our families.
Take a moment as a family to chat:

- Have each family member answer these prompts about your family:
- My family is great because…
- My family is unique because...
-Being with my family makes me feel…
- Talk about this question as a family:
- How is our family better when we are together with other families?

After you share, take a moment to give God thanks for all of the connections in your life, starting right there at home! We Belong Together…for our families!