We live in a world of constant change, and in many cases those changes can be shocking and even alarming. As we have seen in this crisis we now face, it is easy for us to be reactionary and even fearful in the face of so much turmoil. However, the God whom we serve is a God of promise, and He never changes. He is eternally stable, His words are eternally secure, and nothing we face is outside of His purview or His control. God has shared His character and His intentions toward us through His word and specifically through the promises He has made to us. God’s promises never fail, and they never change. So as we look toward a future that has more questions than certainties, it’s time to surround ourselves with the promises of God’s Word. Will you join us?

We are honored that you have decided to join us on this journey through the promises of God. While we are exercising caution and compliance by not having large gatherings, we invite you to access The Power of Promise Video Devotions, POA Kids Connections, Promises in Song, and our regular weekly services via digital format.

We have collected the devotions and videos from the emails and social media and posted it here on our website. For your convenience, we have divided the material according to Week and topic.