Week 1: legacy

This week we, at the Pentecostals of Alexandria, celebrate 70 years of Mangun leadership. We have been given an extraordinary legacy that has resulted from three generations of family leadership. From Bishop G. A. to Pastor Anthony and now to Pastor Gentry, the foundational challenge to pray, fast, and make disciples has been forged into a lasting legacy for us all. That core legacy is as strong as a nail driven into a sure place.  

From 24-hour prayer, to knocking the doors of the city, to the healings and miracles that were regularly witnessed, this legacy grew and expanded its influence with each passing generation. Central Louisiana, and the state at large, have been deeply impacted by this legacy, but its influence has not been locally contained. God’s Kingdom, the world over, has felt the impact of this local church through its ministry to leaders and sacrificial giving to missions. We stand this week to honor the leadership of the Mangun family. We recognize that we are the beneficiaries of a treasured legacy. So, we join together and rise to the challenge of filling the shoes of those who came before us as we guard this truth with our passion and our lives.  

Thank you to Bishop G.A. and Vesta Mangun for charting the path, setting the pace, and building the foundation. Thank you to Pastor Anthony and Mickey Mangun for picking up the torch and taking the world by storm with a passion for souls and excellence. Thank you to Pastor Gentry and Lexi Mangun for recognizing the giant shoulders on which you stand and taking up the challenge to reach this current generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ!  

As we pause this week to honor the legacy and leadership of the Mangun family, it is important for each of us to consider our own legacies. What have we done with what we’ve been given? The legacy we extend is worth far more to future generations than any material goods we could ever leave. Future generations will navigate through their lives by following the landmarks we leave behind. The stability of our character, the strength of our integrity, and the fire of our passion will be the things that matter most to those who come after us. May we live our lives in such a way that what we leave in future generations far outshines what we can leave for them. May we take what we have been handed, carry it with passion and excellence, and lift the banner of Jesus higher than ever before!

Video devotions

For 70 years, POA has been blessed with three generations of extraordinary family leadership. The voices of Bishop G.A. and Vesta Mangun, Senior Pastor Anthony and Mickey Mangun, and Pastor Gentry and Alexis Mangun echo the truths of God that stand for all of time. 


When she first made Alexandria her home in 1950, Sis Vesta Mangun came with an accordion and a true passion for God. In 1951, with a small band of saints, she began the first church choir and the musical legacy of POA was born. Over the past 70 years, she has proven that, indeed, the Unseen Hand is ever at work leading and guiding.
Sis. Mickey Mangun’s vision and leadership have continued the rich POA legacy of musical excellence. Through multiple Alexandria Sanctuary Choir album recordings, Messiah productions, Above All productions and weekly worship services, Sis. Mickey has led us all into God’s presence. She has sung for presidents and governors; truly her gifts have brought her before great men and women. However, no audience compares with that of her King. Once again, she leads us all into His presence….