Life is full of so many uncertainties. We are forced to guess, speculate, and simply leave things unknown so often that it can be overwhelming if we allow it. Even in our walk with God, we find that He often chooses not to divulge the details of His plans with us, and we must learn to walk and live without knowing. But, in the middle of all of that uncertainty, there are some things that are certain and sure. The love Jesus has for us is one of those things. His life, given for us, is a certainty even in the midst of chaos. Knowing that we would need to rely on Him for strength and security while we live in uncertain times, He provided for us some promises that were built into His very character. Jesus definitively said I AM seven times. Each time He followed that statement with insight into a particular facet of His character, His nature, or His role in our lives. Those things are certain. If Jesus said I AM, then we can count on the fact that HE IS! Over the next three weeks, we are going to focus on three of those I AM statements and let His truth, His stability, His assurances be our strength.