Week 3: The Promise of Healing

…for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
Exodus 15:26
Everybody needs healing. Because truthfully, everybody hurts, at least a little bit. Even though each person’s life experiences are widely varied, we live in a world that is full of hurt and brokenness. There is simply no way to navigate life unscathed. Hurt is inevitable. For so many, hurt comes in the form of physical suffering and illness. The stories are innumerable, and the suffering is real. For others hurt may have come in the form of abuse, neglect, rejection, abandonment, human frailty and selfishness. Although these hurts are common, they are still significant. Everybody hurts. Everybody needs healing.
Despite this maelstrom of misery around us, it is right here in these moments, in the middle of this suffering, that our Savior whispers softly and tenderly: I am the God who heals you. I have always been with you, even through the hurt. I have kept you and provided for you through every moment of suffering and struggle. It was never my intention to leave you broken. I am your Healer.
There is no greater picture of God’s intention to be our Healer than the price paid for our healing. God Almighty took on humanity and bore our sin and suffering through the infliction of great pain even to the death on the cross. He did that just for you. Just for me. He paid that price so that our hurts, our scars, our suffering, and our struggles could all be exchanged for wholeness in Him. The price was paid for our salvation, and it was paid for our healing. The great news of the Gospel is that through the price paid on Calvary, we have the offer of wholeness in our mind, our body, and our spirit.
While we find ourselves living in some very strange days, we have to remember that the offer for wholeness still stands. In spite of the situational pressure that adds to the already existing struggles of life, we have God’s promise of healing. Wounds and hurts that seem more prevalent under pressure, can be exchanged for wholeness and the promise of God’s healing. Most assuredly, our Healer is right next to us right now. There's no six-foot boundary for our Savior! Social distancing recommendations don't apply. He's been described as being closer than a brother and a very present help in time of need. Our Healer is here!
In what ways has God shown up as the Healer in your life? Take a moment and give thanks for those.
Are there areas of your life where you need God’s healing? Pause and pray over those areas and release them to God.
Read Isaiah 53:3 and reflect on the truth that your Savior, your Healer, knows what pain, suffering, rejection, and abandonment feel like. God knows, and He loves nothing more than to overwhelm the darkness of your suffering with the light of His eternal power! He is your Healer; that's His promise of Healing!
We know that God is our healer, and we believe His promise of healing for our minds, bodies, and spirits. However, sometimes the realities of life crowd in, and the pressure often feels unbearable. The Word of God is a powerful help in those moments. Today, let’s prepare and arm ourselves with the Word so that when those times come, we have a God-prescribed antidote ready at our defense.  

To prepare, look up each of the scriptures and follow these steps:
1. What promise of healing is made by this verse?
2. Claim this promise for yourself, a family member, and/or friend.
3. Make a written reminder of this promise of healing (notecard, post-it note)

3 John 1:2
Psalm 147:3
2 Chronicles 7:14
Isaiah 53:5

Next Sunday, April 5th, we will celebrate Palm Sunday as families in our homes. As part of the observance of the triumphal entry of our Savior, and the price He would ultimately pay for our salvation and healing, Pastor Gentry will lead us in communion. Allow the words of the scriptures above to work and prepare you and your family for this beautiful act of worship in your home. (Note: you will need to provide your own communion supplies.)
Claim these promises of healing aloud throughout the week. Allow the Word of God and worship to saturate your home. It is God’s promise to us that we can be strong, well, and whole in mind, body, and spirit. He is for us, and He will never leave us in our weaknesses. Rest assured this week in God’s Promise of Healing.

Video devotions

God has given us many wonderful promises and among those is the promise of healing for our land.  Today, Jason Robbins challenges us with a four-part prescription for obtaining God’s promise to heal our land.
He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.
Psalm 147:3

God is the Great Physician. Today Jenifer Williams reminds us that God is always near and heals the broken-hearted. He knows what you need and what you are going through. Be encouraged today with this reminder that God’s Promise of Healing is yours.

POA kids

In today’s POAKids Connection our students share Psalm 91, Rachel Smoak shows us the power of faith, and we end with a very special song of faith!  
Have your children gather these supplies
- 2 Bottles  
-Beads or Beans
-Dish soap (clear is best)
-Prayer Journal

Note: Activity was taken from Pentecostal Publishing House curriculum
Amber Eskew and Jessica LeBlanc share the promise of God’s healing for our minds, bodies, and souls using some really amazing miracles that Jesus performed for children! Download today’s devotion, gather your children around, and be reminded of the Promise of Healing.

Music devotions

Sis. Mangun brings us today’s Promise in Song. These songs, along with the Word, have been her companion through her 94 years. “Every morning I wake up looking into the Word for comfort and singing the songs of Zion. The blessed peace of God surrounds me, and I’m in His hands today, and that’s where I leave you.
Before me, behind me, always beside me
No shadow, no valley, where You won’t find me
No, I am not afraid. (Jesus Culture)

It is a great comfort to know our Healer is always with us. Cam Cook challenges us today to put words of faith into the atmosphere and speak things that are not as though they are. God will make away, so we do not have to be afraid!