Week 1: May We Be Grateful

Saying thank you and being grateful are two different things. Thank you is a surface expression. Being grateful goes beyond an expression of gratitude to an awareness that what we have didn’t come from our own actions, but rather from an outside source. And, we know that source to be our great God!

To be grateful, we recognize and fully understand that nothing we have comes to us from our own power or ability. God is THE source. Everything we have came from Him and will be offered up to Him in thanksgiving. God is both our source of blessing and the object of our gratitude!

In II Corinthians 9:11-12, Paul tells us that it is the will of God for our lives to be blessed, or enriched, by God so that we can learn to give thanks to God.

God is our source, therefore we have every reason to BE GRATEFUL. Often we look around, to find we are surrounded by struggle and feel we need more than we have. Without a doubt, the struggle is real, and the needs are present. It is in that moment, we have a choice to make: shift our focus to our Source through gratitude or wait in our worry.

If we fail to be grateful, not only will we be stuck in our struggles, but our friends will never know that Jesus makes a difference. The world desperately needs to see Him and the difference He makes. Our outward expressions must match our inward awareness. Be grateful! Give thanks! This is the will of God for His people (I Thessalonians 5:18).

The 5:1 Challenge:
Research has shown that in order to have a stable relationship, there must be five positive interactions to every (one) interaction. That means for every negative statement uttered, to balance the scale, five positive statements must be given. Let’s apply this to being grateful.

Your Turn:
Every time you say something negative or complain, give five reasons you are grateful. It won’t take long until your complaints and negativity will begin to fade into the light of the gratitude.

As we begin to shift back toward life as normal, let's agree to establish some new patterns of BEING and therefore a new normal. Take up the challenge to shift your focus and BE GRATEFUL in this and every season.

Video devotions

Being grateful goes beyond saying thank you; it’s a way of being. Sis. Mickey Mangun inspires us from the Word of God and her life story to live a life filled with gratefulness.

POA kids

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will if God in Christ Jesus concerning you”
I Thessalonians 5:18

 Being grateful is God’s will for our lives and today Amber Eskew shares a great way to stay grateful!

Music devotions

We may have uncertainties as we look to the days ahead but one thing remains sure: God is our faithful source and trust in Him results in a peace that passes understanding. Andrea Hebron reminds us today God is good, and His goodness is forever.