Week 4: May We Be GENUINE

God is truth. As a matter of fact, Jesus said in John 14:6 that He was the truth incarnate! It’s no surprise that we, being made in His image, have a deep desire to experience and live in genuine truth. We want honesty, transparency, and sincerity from others, and truthfully, from ourselves as well. We want our relationships to be consistent both in feeling and action. We want to know and feel that what we see is what we actually get in our relationships. This call to be genuine must begin with us. May we BE GENUINE.

Though this inward pull for authenticity and genuine living is real and powerful, we all struggle with it. We often live with concern and fear of letting the world around us see the honest truth of what is going on inside of us. Maybe we are living with scars from past hurts or rejections, or maybe we are afraid of failure and of not being loved. Regardless of the reason, we often put on masks, and we present ourselves to the world in a way that we believe will be accepted. We are very good at being the person people expect. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free from being that person?

The good news is, we can be free! The Gospel of Jesus is a message of freedom from fake! We are empowered to be like our Savior, Jesus, who bared His very soul in transparency and pain even in His most vulnerable moments. He was willing to speak truth, in love, even if it was difficult. He was willing to open His heart in relationship, knowing that there was no way to fully protect against hurt. He was sincere, honest, and He gave Himself totally to those around Him through His love. There was nothing fake about Jesus. He was completely authentic from His heart to His words to His actions. May we be like Him. May we BE GENUINE.

So, how can we be genuine? Jesus said in John 13:35 that it was love for one another that would identify His disciples. As we all know, we can’t fake love. His love in our lives is not meant to live with us alone. He gave so that we would genuinely live and give, sharing His love with others through our relationships. God’s love invites and empowers us to be genuine.

The world is in desperate need of an authentic, genuine, sincere encounter with God. God has positioned us to show His love to the world. If we are going to do this effectively, we must be genuine. We must learn to take off our masks and live in the love of God. Then, our expressions of love to the world will be genuine..

Scripture Saturation Challenge:
The power we need to unmask and live a genuine life is found in the truth of God’s word. His word is power, life, and light! Make the following scriptures a matter of focus and prayer this week. To keep the scriptures present with you, print them, write them on post-it notes, make notecards, or use a dry-erase marker to write them on your mirror. Every time you see the scriptures, read them aloud and ask God to show you how to BE genuine. Ask Him to show you how to represent Him with authentic living, honesty, truth, and sincerity to the world.

Isaiah 29:13
John 13:34-35
Romans 12:9-10
I Corinthians 13:1-13
Ephesians 4:31-32
I Timothy 1:5
James 1:27
I John 3:16-18

May we express God's love through gratitude, graciousness, generosity and show the world a genuine love that is deeply authentic and truly in line with His love for them. May we BE GENUINE.

Video devotions

The world is in desperate need of an authentic, genuine, sincere encounter with God. Pastor Gentry reminds us today that God has positioned His people in this world to show people the true nature of His love and passion for them.

POA kids

Being REAL matters! Rachel Smoak reminds us in POAKids Connection why being genuine matters to Jesus.

Music devotions

We serve a faithful God whose genuine character stands alone. In spite of what we see or feel, we have the confidence that God’s promise still stands, and He has never failed to meet His children in their need. Take a break today with Sis. Mickey Mangun, Tim LeBlanc, Leisha Parker, Kara Williams, and Cam Cook as they testify that God will, indeed, “Do It Again.”