Week 3: We Grow By Communing

From the beginning God has had one desire for humanity: communion in relationship. We need to look no further than Genesis to see this desire in action. His favored creation, made in His image, spent time with Him in fellowship and communion. Adam and Eve daily worked together with their Creator to care for His creation. It was perfect communion.

Then, it fell to pieces. Adam and Eve skipped communion and hid as a sin-driven rift formed between them and their Creator. We know the turn the story took from there. From the Garden of Eden expulsion to the Garden of Gethsemane exchange, the Creator restored communion with humanity. He paid the ultimate price with His very life to restore relationship and communion with His creation.  

God's intention for humanity remains unchanged. He still desires relationship and communion with you and with me in our daily lives. Paul captured the essence of this in Acts 17:28 when he proclaimed that it was in Christ that we live, move, and have our being.  

Communing with God is not a box we check and neither is it motivated by guilt or fear. It is an ongoing Divine encounter that moves us ever closer to our Father. David testified that his communion with God (Psalm 16:11) resulted in vision, joy, and pleasures forevermore.   

We grow by communing with God. So what does that look like? It looks like a never-ending conversation between the best of friends. It looks like a highly effective partnership at work in the world around us to bring others to relationship and communion with Him. Only through communion are we able to grow and become who God intended for us to be. 

Healthy Habits
To practice communing, we must keep a steady connection with God throughout each day. Here are two helpful starting points for practicing this daily.

  1. Read Psalm 16 and take note of how David describes his communion with God. Use this passage in your communion with God today.
  2. Try these:
-As you go about your morning routine, speak with God about each thing you are doing and invite His input.  
-As you get in the car to drive, speak with God about the direction you are going and the route you should take.
-As you do your work throughout the day (cleaning, doing tasks on the job, cooking, driving, parenting your children), tell God you are doing the work as worship to Him.

We grow by communing with God. It is through that communion that we are empowered to tell others the really good news that He wants to be in relationship with them as well. Let’s take on the challenge to commune with our Father and grow in relationship with Him.

Video devotions

Communing with God is not a box we check. It is an ongoing Divine encounter that moves us ever closer to our Father. Today, Pastor Ryan Franklin challenges us to practice the presence of God and to embrace true communion to grow.


You won’t hold back when it comes to Your children
You fiercely defend us till we stand delivered
You’re fighting for us, always fighting for us
-Anthony Evans
Our faithful Father is defending and fighting for us. In communion we grow STRONGER and are able to stand. This is a worship moment you do not want to miss…