Week 4: Christmas Countdown - love

Have you ever wondered why?

Why did God choose to display His majesty from a manger?

Why did He willingly come to live so lowly?

It’s mind-boggling to consider how far He lowered Himself for us. It’s not sensible that He would do that. It’s not reasonable unless you consider one thing. And that one thing takes sense out of the equation and moves action beyond reason. That one thing could only be LOVE.

Love is the why for Christmas. John said it beautifully: for God so loved the world that He gave (John 3:16). Love is the force that says yes, I’ll give my life and embrace you even in the face of rejection. Love initiated the plan for our redemption, love kept it moving when it wasn’t easy, and love will carry it out to its completion! God’s story with us is all about LOVE.

He loved us, so He, Emmanuel, came to be WITH us. He came, not because He needed us, and most certainly not because we had anything to offer Him, but because He wanted to be with us. He came because He couldn’t imagine not coming. That’s what love does. It drives and compels you to closeness without consideration of all the consequences. That’s how our Loving Savior loved us.    

He came for all of us: those of us who already know Him and those who don’t know Him yet. He loves us all, and He desperately wants all of us to know.

So what does that mean for us in this final Christmas week? It means we have one assignment. We must receive His love completely and then share it, show it, and shine with it! In essence, we are the carriers of His LOVE to the rest of the world. That’s our why.

Share His LOVE!

Merry Christmas!

Video devotions

The love shared in the Christmas season is a beautiful reflection of the love of Jesus!

In our final Christmas Moments, our POA family share wonderful moments of love from the holiday season.  

Music devotions

Merry Christmas Eve!
We hope this Countdown to Christmas has wrapped you in Jesus’ love, joy, hope, and peace.

We bring you our final Christmas music celebration.  Take a moment with Tim Leblanc and Cam Cook, and sit with the stillness of the season.