Week 1: Christmas Countdown - hope

Merry Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday bustle is beginning, and we hope that today finds you in great expectation and anticipation of this season’s celebration. It’s not the festivities, the decorations, or the presents that build that anticipation or expectation, but it is the celebration of Jesus’ arrival! God almighty wrapped Himself in human flesh and came to live with us and redeem us; that’s worth celebrating!

At POA this month we will be celebrating and sharing in the comfort and delight we find that God Almighty became Emmanuel, God with us. Join us as we Countdown to Christmas by sharing special Christmas moments that reflect on the hope, joy, peace, and love we receive in this season.

Speaking of hope, the world (all of us, actually) really needs a big dose right now. There seems to be daily heaps of challenges and concerns that bleed over into every facet of our lives. Hope isn’t abounding in the world in 2020. We can, if we allow ourselves, become overwhelmed and gloomy about it all. The really, really good news is that Christmas is all about hope! The birth of Jesus Christ means that we have HOPE.

Hope that we are loved despite our own feelings of inadequacy!
Hope that even in life’s darkest moments we are not alone, He is with us!
Hope that life beyond the grave isn’t something to be feared!
Hope that the love of Jesus is more powerful than any fear or worry that life can bring!
Hope that Christmas is really for all of us all of the time, especially when we’re broken, wounded, afraid, overwhelmed, and weary.

Christmas is hope! Jesus said in John 10:10 that He came so we could have life, and that life more abundantly! Sounds like hope, doesn’t it? Jesus came so that we could all have hope! Let’s fill our world with His hope this week!

  • Make a list of ways to share His hope this week. Maybe hope is best served through a phone call of encouragement, or a timely text message to a discouraged friend. Maybe you can share hope by a smile and a hug to a neighbor or family member this week. 
  • Make plan to share the Hope you’ve listed.
  • Go share!

Share His HOPE!

Video devotions

There’s nothing like a good-news story to lift your spirits and renew hope!  And today, we’re bringing that very thing to you!

Tune in to hear some of our POA family members share their favorite Christmas Moments of Hope.
We would love to hear from you as well!  Share your favorite moments of hope in the comments below!  

Music devotions

Christmas is all about hope! Just as the weary world rejoiced at Jesus’ birth, we experience the thrill of His hope and rejoice in 2020.  

Join Shane Spears today as he brings a celebration of Jesus’ hope.