Week 1: I AM the Bread of Life

This week we begin our series in John chapter 6. The day after Jesus miraculously fed the 5,000, He is on the other side of the sea with His disciples. Many of the people from the crowd began to follow Jesus. Jesus tells them that they shouldn’t be following Him for the miracles He performs, but they should be following Him because He points them to the eternal Kingdom of God. As they continue to press, He tells them that the true bread, the true sustenance, comes from Heaven. When they inquire about this Heavenly Bread, He says, “I AM the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”

Jesus was keenly aware of His audience. Bread represented physical nourishment. Regardless of age, demographics, or social strata, bread was part of the audience’s diet. Jesus turned that on end: yes, you need to bread to live, but the bread you eat only takes you so far. “I AM the bread of life.” I am your hope for life beyond this earthly bread. I am your eternal source. Salvation is only found in the eternal sustenance that I only can provide. I AM more than your daily needs, I AM your eternal hope. I AM the Bread of Life.

As we read this statement today, Jesus is drawing our attention away from the earthly realm into the heavenly realm. We do have physical needs, such as food and water, but Jesus is elevating our gaze to realize that for eternal things, He is the ONLY thing we need; He is our source. “I AM the Bread of Life,” He says! He invites us to come to Him and hunger and thirst no more.

Talk About It:
Read John chapter 6 with your family and friends (if you wish, you can read on the POA app or website on the ‘I Am’ Bible Reading Plan). Consider these questions with your family group as you read:
- What causes us to focus on earthly things instead of eternal things?
- In what ways do we seek for satisfaction in things of this world?

Our world is full of false satisfaction. Many people seek for fulfillment, strength and stability in this world, but it will never be found. Jesus is the Bread of Life. He is the only source of nourishment that our soul really needs. This week, let’s agree to lift our gaze to our Heavenly source, Jesus! Let’s agree to invite Him into our daily walk as the only source of hope, stability, satisfaction, peace, joy, and strength that we will ever have! We do that by simply making that invitation part of our daily prayer, like this:

Lord, I invite you today to be the Bread of my life! Help me to lay aside my longing for fulfillment in this world. Help me to seek you first for all things. Help me to lift my gaze toward the eternal needs that are primary in my life and to learn to trust you more with my earthly needs. Show me how you want to be the Bread of Life in my life this week.

Video devotions

When Jesus speaks, we should take notice! Seven times in the scriptures He spoke and said the words, I AM. Each time He gave us a unique insight into who He is for us! Let’s take a closer look at our Savior, the I AM!

This week, our stop is in John 6 where Jesus makes a very unique statement:
And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.
John 6:35

Join Pastor Andrew as he brings thee words of Jesus to where we live. Jesus is our eternal source and hope beyond earthly bread and needs.


I am who the I AM says I am! What a boost of encouragement for today! When the I AM speaks, HE defines the terms. Jesus words are creative, powerful, and full of light! Take a praise break today and rejoice because your name is written in Glory and that you are who the I AM says you are!