Because of the Times Online 2021

A Ministers' Conference

Because of the Times 2021 is scheduled for January 18-19, 2021.

Due to the day in which we live, we have all learned to change the way in which we plan and execute events. Thus, you can expect this Because of the Times to be slightly different from our past conferences. BOTT 2021 Online dates will be January 18 and 19 (Monday and Tuesday). There will be no day services with both evening services beginning at 7 PM CST.  Also, we will will not be hosting a  PK Conference this year.
BOTT 2021 Online Registration is now open (click the button below to register). The fee is $10.00.  After the live webcast, services will be archived and available for registrants for a brief period of time to accommodate those unable to view services live.

In-house seating will be limited to the local POA church family, BOTT Sponsors, and a limited number of UPCI officials. (COVID 19 mMitigation measures will be in place).

Click here for a list of local hotels
If you previously made arrangements for BOTT Accommodations, don't forget to make appropriate changes.